Get to know the Feldenkrais method with us

About the method

ornament1 It is a dynamic approach to health, learning and self-exploration. It is an experiential process in which we “learn how to learn”, we explore our personal way of learning.

How is being applied

ornament1 In group lessons called awareness through movement (ATM) or with individual lessons of functional integration (FI).


ornament1 With the Feldenkrais method you learn to recognize your limitations, to observe yourself and thus you are enabled to change the situation you are in.

Who can benefit

ornament1 To anyone who would like to improve the quality of their movement and their life, regardless of age and mobility background.

Why choosing it

ornament1 The Feldenkrais Method is based on principles of physics, neurology, psychology and the conditions under which the nervous system learns better and faster.

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“What I am after is not flexible bodies but flexible brains.”

— Moshé Feldenkrais