Chrysovitsinou Eugenia

Feldenkrais Method Practitioner

Eugenia Chrysovitsinou graduated in 2002 from the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Since 1999 she has worked as a swimming and synchronized swimming coach as well as in the field of fitness. In 2004 she begun working with Pilates. In her classes she has always emphasized improving the kinesiology and kinesthesia .

Her goal was to enable the student to understand what it is they are doing, whether it is related to what they wanted to do in the first place, and if not, how to be able to make the appropriate changes to achieve it. In 2008 she begun the training in the Feldenkrais method in Vienna, which on a practical level goes very much deeper into all the things he had been emphasizing until then. At the Feldenkrais Institut of Vienna she studied with Jeremy Krauss, Carl Ginsburg, Myriam Pheffer, Luci Ginsburg, Aliza Stewart, Livia Calice, Mara de la Pergola many of whom were students of Moshe Feldenkrais. From 2012-2016 she participated in the first professional Feldenkrais training program in Athens as an interpreter.

In 2018-19 she did the Jeremy Krauss Aproach (JKA) training for children with special needs in Germany. Since 2018 she has been working as a trainer practitioner in professional Feldenkrais trainings in Austria. At the same time she continues to attend further trainings in the Feldenkrais method with internationally renowned teachers abroad on various themes.

She is a member of the Austrian Professional Feldenkrais Association and has also completed a three-year training course in Esoteric Healing.