The Feldenkrais Method is taught in two ways. The Awareness Through Movement (ATM) group classes or the Functional Integration (FI) individual hands on lessons.

Awareness through Movement (ATM)

These classes are usually held in groups and last 45-60 minutes. There are many different classes with varying degrees of complexity, and each is a separate module depending on the body function it addresses e.g. bending, stretching, cubing, crawling. Classes are usually done on the floor and consist of slow, easy movements within your capabilities.

Under the verbal guidance of the practitioner, students are asked to do a series of movements observing and sensing how use themselves, move their body, the relationships the limbs create between them and generally the whole experience (thoughts, feelings, movements) they are experiencing in each moment. Through exploration , the gradual increase of movement and the observation of their habits, they begin to find new ways of moving, more enjoyable, easier, effective and functional, increasing their movement repertoire.

The classes give students the opportunity to participate in a learning process that offers choice rather than replicating structured movement patterns.


Functional Integration (FI)

Functional Integration is a personalized, one-on-one class that is usually done with the student lying on a specially made bed for the method. However, it can be done in a sitting or standing position.

After exploring the student’s movement habits, the practitioner guides the student through gentle, non-intrusive pleasant movements to discover new more functional ways of moving. Through the non-verbal communication between practitioner and student, the reorganization of the skeletal structure is achieved according to the needs of the student.