The Feldenkrais Method is addressed to anyone who would like to improve the quality of their movement and their life. Movement is an integral part of human action, which is why the classes are structured to appeal to everyone, regardless of age and motor background.

It is aimed at people involved in the arts such as dancers, musicians, singers, actors and actresses. nd anyone who wants to improve their athletic performance. People with mobility problems and chronic pain and neurological conditions. To those who teach movement such as yoga teachers, Pilates, coaches a

Participants can be of any age, as the group classes (ATM) are structured so that everyone can move in a pleasant way and within their capabilities without causing discomfort to themselves, while the individual classes (FI) are adapted to the needs of each person.

Dancers, Musicians, Singers & Actors

The Feldenkrais Method is for people involved in the arts such as dancers, musicians, singers and actors. By taking care of their better physical functionality, they perform better, since they express themselves through the body.

Yoga, Pilates & Sports Coaches

To those who teach movement such as Yoga, Pilates, sports coaches, who improve their skills by better understanding movement and using principles of the method in their work to improve their professional performance.

Muscle Problems and Neurological Conditions

It is addressed to people with mobility problems and chronic pain, with neurological diseases (cerebral palsy, stroke, spasticity…) who discover an easy and safe way to feel better. They recover from their injuries and prevent their recurrence, and learn how their body can participate more actively in this process. Pain creates a pattern within the nervous system that encompasses our sensations, emotions, thoughts, perceptions, mood, and determines our actions/actions. When we learn to observe ourselves and others we can change the situation we are in and so does the pain. It is also applied with amazing results to children with special needs.

Anyone who would like to increase their well-being

Learning new patterns of action that we use and rely on in everyday life, achieving more skeletal support to move more easily in gravity, facilitating sleep, helping the system to achieve better rest, reducing stress and improving breathing results in a rejuvenated body and more well-being.


Some people of advanced age or those in pain often find it difficult to participate in movement classes in which they do not know what to expect or what to expect from them.With this method, movements are done slowly, with several breaks in between. You are encouraged to make conscious rather than mechanical movements, which you adapt to a safe and comfortable range of motion, so learning and improvement emerge. Usually our culture discourages the development of our skills and learning, with Feldenkrais we can relearn and clarify patterns of action we use in everyday life that we rely on.

Anyone who wants to improve their athletic performance

Balance, flexibility, agility, proprioception, kinesthesia, muscle synergy, good skeletal support and other neurological assets are performance-enhancing factors. A well-organized body and the ability to be aware of how you use it that enables you to produce less work in a given movement, make more meaningful changes to your technique, and prevent injury creation. Currently national teams and various professional sports teams are using the method.

Take advantage of our many years of experience in the field of sports and athletics.

Anyone who wants to help their psychotherapeutic approach

The Feldenkrais Method is a mind/body approach that retrains the nervous system to respond differently to events and memories that trigger anxiety and stress. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations and actions respond to present circumstances rather than past events. So it helps to deal with various forms of anxiety and stress, you learn to focus on pleasure and your self-image changes, which determines how you act.

Infants and children

One of the applications of the Feldenkrais Method is in infants and children with developmental difficulties, motor limitations and neurological conditions Through understanding the developmental stages we help the child to develop new neural connections and find new motor pathways ,improve their kinesthetic image so that they can make better use of themselves. Chrysovitsinou Eugenia is also a JKA therapist an approach which is based on the Feldenkrais method and focuses on working with children. You can find out more about it below.