The method is based on principles of physics, neurology, psychology and the conditions under which the nervous system learns better and faster. The application is such that it provides a safe learning environment, respecting the student and his/her individuality.

  • The movements are performed at a slow pace, consciously, observing and controlling them. This way you move in a safe range of motion adapted to your abilities to bring about learning and improvement without injury. This allows people to participate with no motor background at all up to athletes.
  • Through studying how learning can be maximized by guiding you in such a way that you learn more quickly and efficiently, you also gain a tool that you can use in your daily life or in anything you do that involves movement.
  • You can tailor the lessons to your capabilities. Moving comfortably within the context of pleasure has been scientifically proven to help the nervous system learn faster and more efficiently.
  • It offers a very wide variety of movements so you don’t get bored Also, the nervous system is structured to “like” engaging with anything new and novel.
  • You are not asked to reproduce given movements, nor are you given instructions on how to move. You are verbally guided in the movement and in looking for specific sensations as you do it. This has been proven by studies to be more efficient in learning processes.